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Quick Dating Tips from Fab Love

Making the first move on a date.

The tradition of the man making the first move have changed. On line dating technology has reinvented dating and old traditions don't hold true as they used to. These days the woman is empowered and often leads in the dating game.

Making the first move not only ends the waiting game but shows how confident you are and confidence is very sexy. The lady making that first move shows him you know you are high value and he knows that you want him. That's a sexy turn on for most males. Mixed signals are gone and the relationship starts.

You are also empowering yourself by making that first positive move. You need to know if this person is a good match for you. Were they interesting? Would they make a good partner? Don't neglect your own needs by focusing on their first impression.

If you are hesitant on your first date the other will pick up on it and that important confidence will damage their view of you as in general, people like those that have a positive energy.

Be prepared for failure though if they refuse your offer of a first or another date, they may simply not be in to you. Its important to not take it personally or cause a negative effect on your confidence. Just move on with confidence high and look for someone who does appreciate and warm to you.

Although confidence is an attractive quality, be careful not to overdo it. You may look too desperate if you come on too strong at the beginning.

Have a Fab next date and all the best from the Fab Love team.




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