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Things to never say when dating

You've started dating and feeling excited, heads spinning the emotions are flowing as your feelings are this is the right one for you. But in all the excitement, careful your mouth doesn't say things you’re going to regret later. Be subtle and diplomatic about certain things you ask your date, even if you've been dating for months. The following are just a few things not to say, or any variations of them. Unless your looking to damage the relationship before it develops.

I can read you like a book. Do not psychoanalyze your intended partner, it makes them very uncomfortable.

Why haven't you updated your Facebook status yet? Maybe they are not ready to tell the world yet about you yet or maybe they simply forgot.

Where do you think our relationship is going? In the early dating days, that's pushing too hard and if you've been dating a while, you should already know the answer.

Why don't you ring me more often? Don't have expectations your new found love is going to phone you every day with words of romance. They have a life too don't forget.

Why didn't you call me when you said?. If they didn't call you when they said they would don't confront them as basically your accusing them of not caring for you. Try a more subtle approach like 'I missed not talking to you yesterday'

Where were you last night? So they didn't answer your call maybe for a valid reason. You may as well ask them who they were with, as that's how it can sound like.

How much do they pay you? Ask about their job yes, but not about wages. That will come up naturally later when the two of you are going steady.

Your not my usual type of date. So why the hell are you dating them then? You might as well say 'I don't go out with people like you' or 'This wont last'. No matter how innocently, just don't say it.

You remind me of my ex. That's a definite no no. Do not compare them in any way with previous relationship failures. Your saying it didn't work with your ex and its not going to work with them either.

We need to talk. Ok so you need to talk about something, so talk about it. Don't forewarn your dating partner it will make them feel uncomfortable and defensive.

Is she/he more pretty/handsome than me? Oh what a killer! And said so many times. No matter how insecure you may feel, never try to make them compare.

Your just like my Dad/Mum. Your intimidating them to live up to someone they don't know and making them feel older.

Some first date no no's;  You’re too nice to be single. We would make beautiful children. I think I love you. You seem nervous. Have you ever thought of losing a few pounds? Not to sound sexiest or anything but…..  What’s the worst thing you have ever done? Do you go on a lot of dates? My ex always used to say….  How long have you been single for? You’re not the type of person I usually go for. How many people have you slept with? How did your last date go? Do you think I am fat? Do you think I am sexy? What don't you like in a partner?

You may want to know the answers to a few of the things above, but there are ways and means of asking and many are best left to answer themselves over time through natural conversation.

Have a Fab next date and all the best from the Fab Love team.




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