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How to spot a cheap man when dating

So he seemed great when chatting, looked dashing on the date and seemed fun.... BUT.

The date was a movie and pizza, and his attitude towards dating is "I like to just hang out with a girl and see how it goes". Hmmm, what he's really saying is he just wants to get laid without spending too much and no heavy involvement. Unless that's what you want in dating, just change his name to 'Dont Answer' on your phone!

You can you tell a cheap guy, the signs are there, just pay attention on your date and you will spot Mr Cheapy.

He never wants to go out because he’s “sick of the scene”.
Always suggesting eating in on a date
He tells you that Valentine’s Day is just a way for shops to make money.
At a bar, he buys two beers, and then asks you for your share.
He rarely has his wallet on him.
He calls himself a “homebody”.
For a gift, he hands you a CD, still in the shops paper bag (Watch out for the Poundland sticker. Lol).
He’s not much of a “dater”.
He’s always borrowing a couple of quid and never pays back.

I heard of one guy who claimed to have an eating disorder to avoid taking his dates out for dinner. That is clearly going too far! Even if the guy is on a budget, there's no excuse for being cheap on a date as there's lots of low budget things to do that mean you can spend some quality time together, picnics, walks in the park, museums & art galleries, or if you like the outdoors, even go camping!

Back in my early days at a time when money was tight, I couldn't afford a nice holiday so my new love and I went camping for four days. Will never do it again, but the wonderful memories of those fab four days still linger, while many a 5* holidays are long forgotten.

Have a Fab next date and all the best from the Fab Love team.




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