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Understanding Men.

One of the most talked about subjects in relationships is understand men and women. It fuels many a discussion and has been written about everywhere. Its a vast bottomless pit and responsible for more broken relationships than anything else. There are some parts that have a common denominator to all men and women. On this page we will deal with the common parts of understanding a man.

First fact is men think on a different planet to women when it comes to things like dating, relationships or emotional subjects. Its the way we humans are made, so don't get upset or mad at them for being what they are - a male. You can never change their inbuilt primitive under-currents any more than you change those in a woman. Far better to understand them and find work around's for all those subtle signs your giving that he never sees and keep you both happy. The following applies not just to dating, but relationships in general.

Be a challenge. Men like friendly, interested, positive, and challenging mates. Put on a show of being a free and open minded person , that your in no big hurry or looking for the perfect prince charming. You will become an immediate challenge and nothing gets the male working harder than a challenging woman. It inspires that male 'conquest' thing and they will automatically be attracted to you. But never be arrogant or aloof. Males like to dominate discussions so never challenge them, just speak in a firm, clear, and confident manner as this shows him your are strong and committed to your words. A woman who can do this with a male becomes his respected friend as well as lover.

Emotions. A man will never understand the emotional tides that flow through a woman. Even if in touch with his feminine side, he will only understand a limited amount. Men generally have great difficulty in expressing emotional feelings so don't be mad at him, instead try to interpret what he's trying to say as this will encourage him to have confidence in you as an understanding person and open up more. A man is about action more than expressing emotions in words so pay attention to those actions as that will tell you clearly how his heart feels towards you.

Prompting. When it comes to women, a man is like an actor on stage that keeps forgetting his lines, he needs a lot of prompting. Don't expect him to immediately notice the new hair do, special dress or nails. Don't wait for him to say something, prompt him. 'I went to the salon today' or 'you like?' while gently touching your hair. Or just caress his chin while flashing those beautiful nails in front of his eyes.

Jealousy. They say money is the root of all evil but jealousy and possessiveness are the root of all wars and most relationship downfalls. A mature or successful man will run away from any sense that your possessive or jealous. If your looking to end a relationship, just start acting that way, he will soon be gone. While a little show of jealousy occasionally may show him you care, don't make a habit of it and never ever tell him your the jealous type. Consistent jealousy, fear or possessives in a woman frightens a man to the core. Watch out for the trick men often play of deliberately looking at another woman to test your reaction. If its one of jealousy and you scold him your just another woman to him. Just say "she's pretty" and change the subject. He wont ever do it again and regard you higher for it.

Sex. They say a man consciously or otherwise thinks of sex constantly throughout the day. That primitive part of the male is as true as the fact he wears trousers! No matter what you would like to believe, be assured the fact he's on a date with you means he's thinking of having sex with you. Beyond that, how he sees you on the date depends on what you feed him. A vibrant conversation can send him home alone to fantasise about the next time or, maybe previous conversations and the whole evening was so vibrant for both that sex came naturally. Though in general, sex on the first date is not a good idea for two reasons. It gives you an indication from his reaction to not getting it and, if he's the right one, will strengthen his will to have a serious relationship. Remember, you the woman hold all the strings when it comes to sex, pull the strings correctly and your male will dance happily around you and treasure you like the only thing that matters to him in the world.

Mind games. Yes some men play mind games, especially when dating. The main reason is to test you and determine your strength and suitability as a partner. Play it cool and calm and you win. Become an emotional mess and they win and consider you a psycho. One thing men admire is a woman who can remain cool and in control of her emotions. When he sees you as that woman, the mind games cease and are replaced with a deep respect and love. The classic game men play is the push and pull. They will be push and do everything, phone you daily, open doors, bring flowers then pull back and await your response. You may think he is waiting for you to chase him with attention and maybe he thinks so too. But no, its deeper than that. He's testing your resilience and independence as a person. So do likewise, show him there's more in your life than men. Be unavailable sometimes, pursue hobbies, hang out with friends, cook, do whatever makes you happy and keeps you busy. He will soon come back to the chase but with higher respect for you.

Keeping Him. In one word - communicate. Men need things explained, especially if it involves emotions. But avoid trying to convince him, there's an old saying, 'A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.' Discussions and explanations will draw him closer to you. Trying to change or convince him will push him away. Never indicate that your needy or clingy as most men run fast from that, far better to subtly put thoughts in his mind of your qualities and why he needs you. Ever thought why men hang out with mates so much? Goes back to that first word - communication. A stimulating conversation turns a man on faster than anything, especially if it includes some praise

There's a lot more that can be said on the subject of understanding men, but for now these are just few things that may help you understand and form a deeper relationship with your partner.

Have a Fab next date and all the best from the Fab Love team.



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