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Quick Dating Tips from Fab Love

Ideas for your first date

While doing lunch or dinner is the stable 'everyone does it' first date idea, there is always an outside the box approach. Plan your first date carefully and keep some exciting backup alternatives in mind just in case.

Most importantly, you both need time to talk and explore each others interest and that does not always have to be over a meal. Minimizing first date anxiety by doing fun things together. And remember its best to treat the first date as a screening and don't be shy of being frank at the end of it. Let the other person know after the date if you feel this relationship wont work for you and wish them the best. But on the contrary, if the person is ticking all the right boxes and no matter how much your tingling with warm emotions, don't show too much eager excitement when discussion another date.

If your a guy and meeting at the house first, bring some flowers, but not too heavy a scent in case the lady is sensitive to pollen. If your a lady, just be yourself and blossom for him but go gentle on the scent.

1, Visit an aquarium. Its a lovely peaceful place to talk and stroll. The colourful fish and sea creatures make a good talking point and they can sometimes be quite comical. Its a perfect location to hold hands for the first time and you will both quickly feel at ease with each other.

2. The park. A stroll through the park or even the streets are great. Even if the conversation breaks down, the scenery itself can create new things to talk about. If possible, try to find a place where there's some music.  Music feeds the soul and gives you both an opportunity to learn of the others likes in music.

3. Visit a zoo or maybe go bowling even your useless at it. Laughing about it will show both of you a natural side and you will both have fun. A first date mingling in a place that allows you to talk and gives you things to talk about will stimulate the conversation and you will both get to know the real each other.

4. Shopping. No just wait a minute, depends the type of shopping your doing. If you have a family member with a birthday, anniversary or some event, it can make a great day out to invite your date to help you chose the gift and maybe combining with a coffle or lunch. You will learn much about each others views on money, style and a lot more, all of which is so beneficial in the early relationship days

5. Theme park. If you feel your date may be adventurous then a theme or amusement park can make a great day out and bring you close together. Physical arousal of the type felt on a ride creates an emotional bonding between you.   Even it didn't work out for another date, you will both have had a good fun day out to remember and maybe stay friends..

7. The arts. From visiting an exhibition to the theatre, there's a vast field to explore if your date likes it too. Nothing beats a good rip roaring musical comedy to get you both acquainted and a lot to talk about. Most people don’t think of the theatre for a date as they don’t realize just how great a show can be. Better than any movie.Then there's concerts and many differing exhibitions that can be absolutely awesome.

8. Adventure day. From car racing to hot air ballooning there's a ton of exciting adventure things to do. You can get some fab deals on places like 'wowcher'. Just make sure your date is up to it though, like ask if they have height fears in general chat online before booking a fab day out thousands of feet in the air! Or the other person will be uncomfortable and thoughtfulness and considerateness are among the top desired qualities.

9. Karaoke. Reckon your a good bathroom singer? Ask your intended date if they have ever been to Karaoke, if its a yes, then go on impress your date with your showmanship. But watch out they may impress you instead? Nothing beats a karaoke bar for a few laughs.

10. One hour classes. There's a wide choice of these in most cities and towns and perfect for a fab date. Pottery and glass painting are very popular but there's lots of others. Do one where you can finish the class with a souvenir you both may treasure in the years to come.

11. Wine tasting. A vineyard day out can be very romantic and of course after a few tasting's of fine wines, you will both feel a little warmer.

12. Fruit picking. If its in season and the weathers great, a day out in the country on a fruit picking farm is a wonderful way of getting to know each other at base level.

13. Beach. Good weather or bad, the beach and walking near the waves creates a fab comfort zone around you both. Its a great way to start holding hands as you carelessly meander along the shoreline.

Ideas for a fab date are only limited by your imagination and willingness to explore new ideas. If its a long lasting relationship your looking for, then putting some thought and work into dating will pay off.

Have a Fab next date and all the best from the Fab Love team.



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